Raise Your Standards

Where are you in your journey? Jody and I often talk about life being about the journey. It’s good to stop and think about where you are. What life is and has become for you. It’s good to think about the future and what you are working toward.

When you are working toward something, anything, it’s important to have a vision. When you have that vision, you need a road map to get there. There is also another element to that; Vision, Road Map, Action…. Standards.

Think about your life as it is right now, right this minute. What does your life look like? If you are a student, what are your grades like? Are you out of shape? Have you gained a few pounds? Are you OK with it? Are you doing anything about it? How clean is your house? How dirty is your car? How much money are you making? Whatever grades you have, whatever your weight is like, how ever clean or dirty your house is or your car, however much is in your bank account… THAT is your standard. In your mind you might say you would like more but that is not your standard. What you have is the indicator of your standard.

On our Blog Talk show we talked about Standards. Everyone has standards. Standards are not morals they are just the level at which you set your pole.

At an early age our parents set our standards for us. They let us know what was expected from us. In our house, we have a level of grades that we expect from our children. I didn’t have high standard for that in my house growing up. We expect our children to participate in cleaning up the house, we expect them to be polite and have manners, we expect them to help others and be kind. When they grow older they will have a baseline of standard on which they can determine their own standards.

Having a vision is important, having a road map is important too and of course, taking action is the first step to getting to the vision. Along the way in this journey, we need to raise our standards. Let’s say a person raises their standards on what kind of car they want so they go out and purchase a Mercedes and they are making payments and are finding it tight financially and are finding it difficult to make the payments. That is just an indicator that they haven’t raised their standard for income. A person who wants more, has to raise more than just one standard. A person wanting to lose weight can’t just raise their standard to lose weight, they have to take action, have a plan and raise their standard on exercise and what kind of food they eat and how much food they eat.

Where are you in your business? What is your standard currently? If you desire to book 8 shows a month and are at 4 shows a month, it’s time to raise the standard. When you decide to raise your standard, it forces you to make those extra calls, to go to those networking meetings, to make more connections while you are out and about.

If you desire for your team to earn more and have more shows, you need to raise your standards, yep that’s right YOUR standards. As Jody pointed out, you need to have a standard for qualifying your consultants on your team. It’s OK to have someone say they are interested and they don’t meet your standards and you say no. Some people will join just to get the kit, if you desire team members who want to make a business or hobby then sign them up, the others will just be a liability. Be selective about who you have on your team. A good way to turn them down is to say something like this “I don’t think you are ready for this now, why don’t you think about it and get back with me in about 3 months.”

Help others with raising their standards. Jody mentioned that she always met with each new consultant and created a plan with them for success. She met with the new consultant, found out what their goals were and what their vision was, then she helped them develop a matrix for how many parties and how much in sales they needed each month. Asking questions when you desire to sign a consultant will help them focus on their standards. Asking the question “What if…” will force them to dream, see a vision and set new standards for themselves. “What if you were able to take a family vacation to the place you always wanted to go, what would that take?” “How much would you need to make before next year to have that vacation?” They start to see how they can raise their standards to meet that goal.

It’s easy to become complacent, there are those who have raised their standards and don’t recognize when they have actually achieved that standard and it’s time to raise the bar again.  If you feel bored, unhealthy, skint (British for out of money) or comfortable then it’s time… time to raise those standards again. Think about the athlete, when a pole vaulter starts out, the pole is low, the bar gets moved up the pegs, when they are comfortable with that level, the bar moves up.

Raising your standard is one of the key elements in attaining your goals and vision. To be fit, to have a clean house, to drive a nice car, to have money in the bank… all that is a matter of the standards you set for yourself.

It’s time to raise the bar. How are you going to raise your bar? What new standard are you going to have?

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  1. What a Great Post Charlotte

    I think you clearly stated what we talked about….
    So let's all just set our “Standards” just a little bit higher!!!!

  2. Great information for setting higher standards for yourself and the consultants on your team. I'll be implementing a few of these ideas and raising the standards!

  3. Uh oh! The neighborhood birds have been sharing their “standard” all over my car. giggle. Better get out there and give her a wash…

    All kidding aside, I love how your article speaks to the empowered person that lives within us. I hear a calling … a shout out to “her”. It is easy to become complacent or to allow our lack of faith in our selves to overcome our passion and purpose. Reconnecting with your empowered self is actually easy too. Regroup, assess your “standard” and then begin again.

    I adore you both.
    ((( hugs)))


  4. Thanks Melody….glad you enjoyed the ideas and “implementing” them…that is what we are all about!

  5. Oh Susan…LOL
    I guess I've been having the birds share too!!!! Luckily for me though we had a HUGE summer shower and 'the higher powers' took care of that problem.

    Thanks for reminding me of that 'little me'….and how important it is to 'regroup'…set a new standard…and then begin again!

    Forgiving ourselves goes a long way!!!!
    We adore you too!

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