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We DID IT! Today we launched our 36 week program! So What is it?

Read ON!

The Success Formula is our program that is a step by step guide to get your business moving in the right direction.

Women have traditionally been attracted to certain jobs. In the photo the lady is helping out by collecting money for war bonds. Women have also looked for creative ways to earn income and traditionally we have been attracted to Home Party Businesses. Home Party Businesses can be excellent ways to make income whether it’s extra income to make a car payment or to support your family entirely.

So many women sign up for a business and quickly find that they don’t have the right support for it. What can you do about that?

We have put together a program that addresses issues for beginners or those looking to level up in their company and build up their team. The Home Party Success Formula is designed from a proven formula that has made many women thousands of dollars.

As we talked about on our Blog Talk show today, we have a special offer for a limited time so act quickly, listen to the show today. To get more information about the program listen to the show and then find out what the special offer is.

We covered such issues today as Slow Summers, Not having shows booked, Not being F-ed (Focused ladies!) and being raised as a “polite female”. I don’t want to spoil it for you, you will have to listen to the show.

We have real solutions for real issues that you are facing in your business today. One of the greatest difficulties is that most women who sign up for a home party business do not have a mentor or have a mentor with limited knowledge and skills. Many leaders do not have a formula for you to follow or a plan or even meet with you to find out what your goals are for your business.  We cover all these issues and SO MUCH MORE in our program.

Don’t waste any time, sign up today and get the formula you need to have a successful Home Party Business!


Charlotte Salafia


“Where it’s not just about the destination, but the journey to get there.”

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